Mini-Crete is your premier source for short load ready-mix, for projects that require just a little bit.

An All Canadian Concrete Company

When two people with the same interests get together great things happen. When a small amount of concrete is required for a job it is sometimes difficult to accomplish it. “Do I mix it by hand” “do I pay more for a little” “do I wait and do two jobs with one delivery” I don’t want to get it when it’s convenient for someone else. These are questions that the owners of Mini-Crete faced over the years when doing projects of their own. We understand the big and the small in any type of construction. Mini-Crete was founded on the values of everyone one is important just like our families, we know the importance of value, service and commitment. We are your local provider that specializes in small order ready-mix, if you require a small amount think Mini-Crete.

Locally Owned

A locally owned and operated company you can trust. We have lived, worked, and played, in this community for many years and are proud to be able to serve our communities contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

No Minimum Order

From walk ways, concrete pads, to sonotubes, order only what you need to get your job done. No underload fees.

Small Footprint

Our mixer is one quarter the weight of a standard mixer. With it's lighter weight and smaller foot print, we can deliver to places where other trucks cannot.

Ready Mixed

Why rent a mixer, buy bags of premix and have a mess and the garbage, when all you need is concrete. We understand fully what its like to get a small amount of concrete for your project, we’ve been there.

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